Why You Must Buy A Bike Lock For Your Bicycle No Matter Where You Live

When you buy a new bike lock you need to buy the one that is going to guarantee that your bike will not get stolen it is better to have a bike than have to walk. It does not matter how often you ride your bike or how you ride your bike you are always going to need a bike lock if you go some where in public with your bike. If you're going to the store real quick someone who needs a new bike only needs a minute to steal your bike while you're inside the store.

This crime happens everywhere. Even though New York has the most number of bikes stolen every town and small city will have its bike stealers. There are all kinds of bikes that can be stolen from a thousand dollar race machine to a junky bike just needed by someone to make it home. Some thieves will steal the bikes to sell them and get money for your bike. Maybe a thief just needs a ride to get somewhere and he needs your bike and you are not watching it at the time. If you have a cheap lock on the bike the thief could pick it or clip it.

If you have that cheap lock and it has been working for you your day may soon come. You need to buy a lock that is going to make sure that your bike is safe. You can buy any kind of lock. You will need something that will have some sort of key not a combination as someone with a good bit of luck could just say, "oh lets try it just for a second", and might pick your lock and steal your ride.

Chain locks are the other really good type of lock. They can be very heavy and a thieve wont think about clipping the chain it will probably make a lot of noise and also probably wont be worth going to jail or getting beat up over. The bigger locks that are out there on the market will help you with securing your bike though and companies like bell will make a good lock for you. If you buy the right bike lock then you will be able to ride anywhere you want and be able to lock it up anywhere you want without it getting stolen. That's the last thing you would want to happen as you ride up to the store for a soda is to walk out and see your bike gone when you could have just bought a lock for your bike. So do the right thing for your ride and buy the lock so it doesn't get jacked like all your other bikes did.


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